Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Piñata Apple Salad Wraps {for Stemilt Growers}

On-the-go food, made fresh at home, is kind of my panacea for fast food… that “other” food that you might gravitate to when the grumbles take charge of your tummy (and your brain) and good choice goes out the window.  It’s not always easy to plan for but it’s something I got forced to buy into while living abroad in the late 90’s when the closest fast food franchise was inside Schiphol airport, a 30-minute drive by car; not exactly convenient, nor fast. Even to-go coffee, at that time, was virtually unheard of. So I got creative with packing nuts, fruits, and other quick, nutritious snacks. While I’d love to say it was because I was just a really diligent and healthy-minded mom, the truth is that I hate getting caught out and about and suddenly feeling ravenously hungry, immediately drained of energy… and patience… and assume anyone else I’m with will feel the same way.

While nuts and fruits are great, quick pick-me-ups to have on hand, sometimes the day calls for something a bit more substantial. This is where wraps are great. Oftentimes if plane travel is involved, I’ll make some sort of lentil-based salad and wrap it in blanched kale, romaine or swiss chard leaves. It keeps great and is a satisfying lunch or dinner go to.

If the timeframe is a little tighter, I’ll go with a fresh salad wrap. It’s really just whatever sounds good to you in a salad… rolled into a rice and/or tapioca flour-based wrapper. They are really the perfect fresh finger food.

Here, I made one using Stemilt’s beautiful Piñata apples coupled with a little celery, carrot, cucumber, spinach, cilantro, and mint. All fresh, crunchy and subtly sweet ingredients that fit snugly into a roll… no cutlery needed. You can dip them into your favorite dressing or whisk one up like I did using fresh orange juice, mirin and tamari. Whatever you choose, these little salad rolls are a perfect little package of healthy goodness… wrapping greens and fruit all in one! For details, click over to The Stem, Stemilt Growers’ fruitful blog! (And, if you are anything like me and end up with a good chop of leftover ingredients, you'll also get details on the perfect way to use it all up deliciously.) 

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