Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fresh Cherry Pie-In-A-Jar {for Stemilt Growers}

I recently took a couple of cherry pies … in jars… as a hostess gift to some friends who had invited us to join them on their boat. 

From her: “Oh my gosh, this is great. How fun is this?”

From him: “It’s a Pie-in-a-Jar… a Pie-in-a-Jar,” expressed in kind of a singsong sort of way and definitely just the beginning of the evening’s renditions of what you could put in a jar… accompanied, of course, with that little singsong tone.  (FYI… he’s the comic of the group.)

In the end, we took one of these two “pies” on our boating cruise into town for dinner, figuring we’d share it on the ride home. Well… let me tell you “he” was singing a little different rendition of his song on our return jaunt and I’m pretty sure “he” had his sights on that second pie (...in a jar!). Come to think of it, I believe "he" was the one who grabbed the jar for the boat ride in the first place... hmmm.

There’s really nothing new on this pie-in-a-jar concept. It’s pretty much what you’d bake up as a regular cherry pie… only in a jar. A cherry pie with fresh cherries, that is. No packaged cherry pie filling here. It's a fun way to serve up a generous "slice" of pie... and, better yet, a fun way to gift a "slice" of pie (even if you share it among four spoons!). 

This particular little sweet is made with Stemilt’s beautiful, fresh cherries. And, recipe details and step-by-step instructions are up on their blog today! Click over to The Stem to read more.

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