Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reflecting on Mushrooms... and a Challenge

This is me... NOT at my computer working on the project for which this blog was initially created... but instead, contemplating over a cup of coffee.

You see... I've been invited to a party... and I need to do a little thinking about what to bring. It's a party celebrating mushrooms and a Pacific Foods broth (of my choosing).

Sounds like fun, huh? I'm not sure if there will be any dancing but I do know that there will be a bit of slicing, dicing, chopping, and mixing... all in the interest of great food.

Oh... and YOU are invited too! And you don't even have to leave your home... or figure out what to wear.

It's a virtual party... online. I think there will be a great mix of people, all of whom are equally excited about mushrooms, broths, and such. We certainly are...

So... you should pop by. And, when you do, let your favorite blogger (recipe) know you've stopped in by leaving them a vote (or two... or three... or more)... think of it as a little hostess gift.

One of the best parts about this gathering is that it's a B.Y.O.R. (bring your own recipe) -- for a chance to win a trip to Napa! Yep... Pacific Foods will be awarding two trips to Napa for the best recipes submitted (those that get the most votes). One prize will be awarded to an Everyday Chef Blogger (there are five of us that have been invited; a group I must say that I'm very honored to have been included with!), and one prize to an Everyday Chef Challenger. That could be you!

Oh... and it's a REAL trip to Napa; a two-day bootcamp at the Culinary Institute of America. A real trip... not a virtual one. You'll have to leave your house and figure out what to wear for this event!

So start thinking about the first of two challenges, using mushrooms and any variety of Pacific Foods broth you'd like. Your recipe(s) can be submitted any time between now and the day of the first vote count... September 15.

Check out the Everyday Chef Challenge... B.Y.O.R. or just V.O.T.E. Or, better yet, do both!

Oh... you didn't think I'd leave you that subliminal photo nudge to get you started without a link to where you can find the recipes on my blog, did you?


I need to finish my coffee now... and get to cooking!

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